Fine Art Bourse

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Chief Executive Officer
Director / Founder
Sydney, Australia

In 2013 Goodman conceived a new business model to conduct fine art auctions entirely online. Fine Art Bourse Limited (F.A.B.) was born. In 2014 – 2015 Goodman raised angel capital with the assistance of KPMG and Macquarie Bank.

After a twelve month pause in development FA.B. re-commenced operations in mid-2016. New directors were appointed and new capital was raised. The website and auction trading platform was re-designed and re-built.

During his 40-year career Goodman was to change the face and shape of the traditional Australian fine art auction landscape. He achieved the pinnacle of success as the Australian market leader and the largest fine art auction enterprise in the Southern hemisphere employing seventy staff with group annual sales over $60m.

Upon completion of a secondary school educated at Sydney Church of England Grammar School or “Shore”, Tim undertook a cadetship in the auctioneering of industrial and mining machinery at F.R. Strange. Three years later he worked at Sotheby’s in London where he gained valuable work experience.

In the years that followed, Tim learnt the printing and publishing business when he acquired a small troubled company and subsequently launched a regional tabloid newspaper. In the late 80s’ Tim became a dealer in European art and antiques specializing in the arbitrage of art between the Australian sale rooms and the markets of Europe and America. However, Goodman never left the auction industry and in 1992 he rented an old disused telephone exchange building in Sydney’s Double Bay. During the following two decades, Goodman fought with competitors to systematically acquire market share.

In 1998 Goodman entered into a joint venture with listed, John Fairfax Ltd, the largest publisher of print media in Australia at the time. With Fairfax, Tim built the world’s first aggregated portal to provide e-commerce solutions to traditional auctioneers including white labelled website build, e-marketing, SEO, customer alerts, traffic direction and real-time online bidding. These aggregation services were unheard of at the time in the fine art auction industry. Today thousands of auctioneers worldwide are connected to millions of collectors online by the auction house aggregators. 

In 1999 Tim conducted one of the first art auctions in an environment where customers could bid live in real time, online whilst a traditional auction was underway. In 2000 Goodman sold the Julian Sterling collection of collector’s cars in Melbourne in association with a London based auction house. At that auction, Goodman sold the vast library of motoring books entirely at an online auction thought to be the first single owner collection ever sold online only in the absence of a physical auction.This was a world first.

In 2003, Tim acquired a exclusive license from Bonhams, based in London to launch the new brand, Bonhams & Goodman in Australia. This was the first time Bonhams had entered into a brand license agreement since the firm was founded in 1793.

In 2004 and 2007 Goodman acquired Theodore Bruce & Leonard Joel, the second oldest and third oldest auction houses in Australia, respectively.

In 2009 Goodman pulled off another coup when he acquired the regional business of Sotheby’s in Australia and a brand license to operate under the Sotheby’s brand. Sotheby’s, founded in London in 1744 had never entered into a license to operate under its brand in its core fine art business. This was a big move for Sotheby’s and was celebrated in the global media as being a coup for Goodman who became founding Executive Chairman of Sotheby’s Australia. In 2010 Tim was voted one of the five most influential people in the Visual Arts by the Australian Financial Review, the country’s only financial daily newspaper.

In late 2010 - 2011, Goodman sold all of his traditional auction business interests separately, in each case to a MBO.

Tim was a Trustee of the Australian Museum Foundation 2013 - 15. The Australian Museum is one of the six largest and oldest natural history museums in the world. Apart from collecting and exhibiting, the Museum funds and conducts environmental research, something Tim is passionate about.

During his 40-year career as an auctioneer Tim has conducted over 500 charity auctions raising over $11 million.

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Project Manager
Creative Director
Byron Bay, Australia

Carl is the founder and Creative Director of, a successful graphic and web design business in Australia established for nearly 20 years.

With a Bachelor of Business (Software Design) and Associate Diploma (Graphic Design), Carl has been a professional website developer and graphic designer since 1998. He studied under Harry Williamson, a legendary Australian Graphic Designer whilst teaching as his associate tutor in Typography.

Projects have included large scale website and multi-media marketing campaigns, product packaging design, design and layout of large government resources (in multiple mediums and languages), project management and strategic input into the execution of media communication strategies. Carl’s strengths lie in his unwavering pursuit of high design, creation of user friendly website structures, his pragmatic approach to project management, an ability to communicate a project’s vision to all stakeholders throughout the project lifespan and an innovative approach to new opportunities and technologies.

Carl has been procured by F.A.B as their Project Manager and Creative Director to oversee the design, development of its online venture and core brand values. He is also a shareholder in FAB. 

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Non Executive Director / General Counsel
Executive Assistant to the Company Secretary,
Hong Kong
Sydney, Australia

Philip Wood has practised as a qualified lawyer in four jurisdictions (Australia, New York, The United Kingdom and Hong Kong) with a principal focus on international finance. Thus he has the wide-ranging legal experience to act as General Counsel supervising F.A.B.’s international legal corporate governance and transactions.

Additionally, Philip has also worked as an investment banker in both London and Sydney and more recently has been CEO of two ASX-listed companies. This has afforded him the hands-on experience with which to manage the day-to-day corporate affairs (including capital raising and regulatory compliance) of F.A.B. as Executive Assistant to the Company Secretary, Hong Kong.

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Marketing Consultant
Byron Bay, Australia

Ria is a creative professional who draws on a diverse background in fashion, non-profit organisations and international relations to help seed-stage companies develop marketing campaigns that express their world view and their values.

After earning an M.Sc. in International Relations from New York University, Ria took a position as a project manager at the United Nations World Forum, followed by a two-year engagement as a campaign strategic planner at a New York-based advertising agency specialising in social media.

Since then she has travelled extensively, fulfilling project driven contracts in New York, India and Australia. In 2016 Ria joined forces with a luxury print designer and co-founded an online retail fashion business.

Ria specializes in website development, buiding online stores and products, content creation, planning and distribution of social media, and developing the processes necessary for businesses to build and scale up effectively.

Ria’s current role is to ensure that F.A.B engages its audience across all digital touchpoints thereby bringing its customer experience to life.

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Executive Director
Chief Information Technology Officer
Sydney, Tel Aviv, Zug & Hong Kong

Andrew is Head of Research at the Swiss-based DAV Foundation. This is a blockchain-based transportation platform, building the infrastructure for the “Internet of Transportation” that enables vehicles to discover, communicate, and transact with one another using DAV Protocols and DAV Tokens.

He is also Director, Military Cyber Products and Global Sales for Israeli-based Gold Line Group Ltd which is an Israeli Ministry of Defence Licensed company, providing military-grade encryption for voice and data communications for Military, Government and National Security Agencies.  

Andrew is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Pegasus Intelligence LTD, Pegasus works to provide Government, Military and Law Enforcement clients with cutting edge technologies in various fields of Intelligence including, CYBINT, SIGINT, COMINT, ELINT and HUMINT.


Andrew is a blockchain, technology and futurist enthusiast with over 18 years of worldwide experience in the areas of cyber security, mobile encryption and network security. His additional areas of specialty include the technology components of freight forwarding, customs brokerage and transportation.

Andrew has been appointed to project manage the development of F.A.B.’s current technology growth phase.